Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies. If you are interested in having your items featured


1. Create a folder named “Review items – [Shop name] and date“ with the items and a notecard including the following:
→Your name
→Your store name
→Landmark of your main store
→URL where the item can be found in your store
→Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etcetera.
→A picture if possible.

2. Send to:

SugarCaneLollipop- in world

or -email

3. Please give me time to feature the item. My post time depends on my earlier commitments but I try to feature items in a 2 -3 day time frame

4. Do realize that I choose to feature what I like on my blog so I am not obligated to feature your items unless I have been hired as one of your bloggers.

5. I ONLY accept items that are in good quality and I do inspect all items that have been sent to me.

Thanks so much for your consideration